Old Luxemburg

Tradition is always modern

Outstanding design is characterised by one thing above all: it is timeless. And "timeless" describes the tradition-steeped tableware collection Old Luxembourg featuring the "brindille" pattern, which was created in France. For almost 250 years, the small blue blossoms on a branch have adorned this organically designed service set. The delicate rococo motif ranks among the most famous and popular tableware décors of all time.

The refinement of tableware

Many aspects come together to create the perfectly laid table – but the first thing the eye sees is the form and décor of the service set. The perfect harmony between the two is the most striking feature of this tableware collection. Fine details such as the gentle waves and delicate blue lines on the edges gives the forms an exquisite elegance. A service set that lends added refinement to any personalised tableware collection.


Resplendent beginnings

In 1767, the Boch brothers opened a ceramics factory in Luxembourg. One of the first designs to be painted on their porcelain was the "brindille" pattern. The outstanding quality of the tableware manufacturer by the Bochs soon came to be described as being "in the Luxembourg style". This name of this tradition-steeped service set recalls these resplendent beginnings and is still used to this day.

Allegorie Premium: Special glassware for special wines

Allegorie Premium brings new order to the world of wine. This handmade gourmet glassware collection with delicate glass and pulled stems is ideal for the entire range of international wines: Specially selected glassware shapes capture the basic character of different wines – and yield a feast for the senses for any wine connoisseur. Crystal for maximum drinking pleasure.

Premium porcelain: Elegant white real strength

Villeroy & Boch premium porcelain is among the most in-demand tableware material on the international market. We have spent a long time developing this densely fired body in order to open up a whole new dimension in porcelain quality when it comes to colour tones and wear behaviour. Discover tableware in a markedly elegant white – a real pleasure to own!

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