The fascinating world of Asian mythical creatures

Powerful, dynamic, divine – the Chinese dragon enjoys a highly symbolic status and represents one thing above all: good luck. With our Dragon décor, we are bowing before the fascinating myths and legends of Chinese culture: The centrepiece of this luxury giftware collection is the dragon, resplendent with delicate touches of gold. East meets West at the very highest level of design.

Villeroy & Boch - Collection Dragon

The lucky dragons boast a breezy elegance

Inspired by the finest silk and delicate Asian ceramics, the Dragon décor exhibits, despite its opulence, an effortless beauty worthy of our most delicate bodies: the thin, high-gloss porcelain from the Modern Grace collection. The breezy elegance of the minimalist form emphasises the luxury nature of this giftware – and lends a modern twist to the Chinese mythology.


Luxury porcelain in vivid colours

The Dragon décor expresses our most profound appreciation for Chinese culture and life. With tremendous care, we have reinterpreted the lucky dragon and a range of fascinating motifs from the Middle Kingdom for our giftware collection, which exudes the very highest quality in every respect: Extremely delicate, yet strong, luxury porcelain, decorated in vivid colours and featuring fine gold touches.

Modern Grace: Cool chic meets understated quality

Small detail, big impact. Modern Grace stemware is an elegant collection of crystal drinking glasses designed to exude an understated quality. But with the polished appearance of the stem, the classic goblet design gives way to a cool chic: This sparkling "bling" look embodies modernity and luxury - and lends the glassware a certain je ne sais quoi.

Villeroy & Boch - Collection Modern Grace

Premium bone porcelain: White gold - the most precious of all porcelain

Radiant white, maximum translucence and a soft sheen: premium bone porcelain is the most precious of all tableware materials. The full weight of our experience and expertise has been brought to bear in all of the Villeroy & Boch tableware made from this delicate but strong luxury material, which really does justice to its other name, "white gold". Discover porcelain of flawless beauty - brilliant in white, resplendent with decoration.


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