Villeroy & Boch Collection Audun
Villeroy & Boch Collection Audun


Stories of rural life

Audun is an homage to our roots: In 1748, in the village of Audun-le-Tiche, François Boch set up a small potter's workshop – and in so doing laid the foundations for an international company. Inspired by copper-engraved designs, the anthracite-coloured décor recounts rural life and contrasts the depictions of bygone times with a vibrant yellow. Fine premium porcelain, calming and remarkably versatile.

Villeroy & Boch - Collection  Audun Stories of rural life

Nostalgia on a simple backdrop

The Villeroy & Boch collection Octavie Neu features enchanting rural scenes of historic Audun on porcelain. The copper-engraving-inspired décor features large, detailed rural scenes with a fresh yellow accent – and thanks to its uncomplicated stylistic elements is equally at home on modern table linen as on an oiled oak table.


Villeroy & Boch Collection Audun
Villeroy & Boch Collection Audun
Villeroy & Boch Collection Audun

Anthracite-coloured, copper-engraving-inspired design with fresh yellow accents

Audun is the relaunch of the original design of the same name dating back to 1830, when copper engraving opened up a whole new range of possibilities in porcelain design. Today, anthracite-coloured, copper-engraving-inspired scenes with fresh yellow accents convey not only exquisite, timeless taste but also the high quality of lithography: Timeless, beautiful scenes recall bygone times.

Colour Concept: Freshness from coloured glass

Colour Concept adds real freshness to your table: The simple drinking cups, buffet plates and bowls are available in a range of heavenly colours such as midnight blue, burgundy or kiwi – which not only sounds promising but also looks dramatic. Freshen up your favourite tableware with this versatile coloured glassware décor that sets just the right mood whatever the season!

Villeroy & Boch Collection Colour Conceptolor Concept

Premium porcelain: Elegant white real strength

Villeroy & Boch premium porcelain is among the most in-demand tableware material on the international market. We have spent a long time developing this densely fired body in order to open up a whole new dimension in porcelain quality when it comes to colour tones and wear behaviour. Discover tableware in a markedly elegant white – a real pleasure to own!

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