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Tableware from Villeroy & Boch –
The best gift for the new year

For the Chinese New Year, the “Red envelope” is regarded as the most traditional gift. This particular tradition is considered to be an enormous blessing that will bring you good luck throughout the year. How about a double blessing for the upcoming new year? A gift box with a porcelain present will soon become a very popular gift indeed.

Villeroy & Boch presents elegant tableware. Every tableware collection from Villeroy & Boch paints a picture of European culture and history. Let this friendship grow closer, Villeroy & Boch presents you with the perfect gift to give to your special friends.

A toast for the New Year -
Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Villerory & Boch

Start the Chinese New Year with happiness and The ‘NOBILIS‘ glass collection. With this Wineglass-collection, you can enjoy all kinds of wines. Especially for the Bourgogne wine as well as the Bordeaux wine and champagne, they are the ideal option.

Whiskey enthusiasts would be delighted to receive such a gift as the ‘NOBILIS‘ glass-set for Whiskey. The classic design combined with the crystal clear glass guarantees to create an amazing atmosphere. Scottish Whiskey and American Whiskey whet everyone’s appetite perfectly in these glasses.

Good taste is timeless

The 1950s represented a decade that deeply influenced our sense of aesthetics. Clear contours and subtle shapes and colours lend the era a timelessness that gives it such an enduring appeal. Classic design with striking lines, such as that of ‘Anmut’ tableware, has achieved iconic status; there is no better gift to show your elegant taste.

Individualized gifts make the best surprise

Purists love all things cosmopolitan. In fact, the perfect gift for them would be the entire globe. ‘New Wave Caffè Cities of the World‘ is guaranteed to send globetrotters dreaming of far-off destinations.

For those who share a love for coffee and animals, transport to a different tranquil destination with your coffee each morning with the ‘NewWave Caffè Animals of the World’ collection.

Four new enchanting animal decors will appear on the popular NewWave coffee cups annually.
The coffee cups in this unique, eye-catching assortment are great for collecting, giving away or for your very own enjoyment.

Those who uphold extravagant traditions: ‘Samarkand’,’ Dessert plate‘(four-piece set) and the subtle yet luxurious Vinoble carafes are the best choice.