European Coffee Culture: For Every Taste, the Right Coffee

Villeroy & Boch Story Coffee Culture
Villeroy & Boch Story Coffee Culture

The European coffee variety: latte or au lait,
cappuccino or macchiato, espresso or crema?

Since coffee has become the world’s favorite drink, it now seems to come in an infinite number of variations. A simple old-fashioned cup of filter coffee has almost become a rarity, the classic coffee makers have made way for fully-automatic coffee machines, and coffee breaks have been replaced by sophisticated, automatic espresso and cappuccino machines. And, instead of sitting down for a coffee and a chat with friends, we now just grab a quick take-out coffee as we rush to our next appointment.

Villeroy & Boch Story Coffee Culture

How to make the perfect cup of coffee

Villeroy & Boch Story How to make the perfect Cup of Coffee

So, how about a nice, relaxed cup of coffee at home, instead of the paper cup to-go? Of course, for the perfect cup of coffee you need more than good-quality coffee beans or special blends and soft water: The right kind of cup also matters. Just as with wine glasses, you need different shapes and sizes of cup, depending on what kind of coffee you’re making.

Specialty coffees with milk

Once you add milk to the coffee, thereby increasing its volume, you need a bigger cup. This is where the traditional coffee cup or breakfast mug comes into its own. Specialty coffees with rich, frothy tops require a taller cup to keep the shape foam in tact.

Gourmet tip for the perfect milk froth

A rich layer of froth is lovely, but not if it’s just lots of bubbles. To keep froth creamy and smooth, the milk should not expand by more than half its volume during frothing. Always start with cold milk. Higher fat content means a creamier froth, so, for once; whole milk (at least 3.5%) is the better option.

Villeroy & Boch Story Gourmet Tipp for the perfect Milk Froth

Depending on your mood

As well as a wide range of funky cups for all of those different types of coffee, the NewWave Caffè collection also brings you the “Party Plate”: A generously-sized saucer, with extra room for small cakes or cookies – simple and convenient.

Baked apple and caramel cupcakes

A baked apple in cupcake-form, decorated with caramel and golden sugar pearls – the best treat to enjoy with coffee!

Villeroy & Boch Story Baked Apple and Caramel Cupcakes

Villeroy & Boch Story Tipsy Prune Cupcakes

Tipsy prune cupcakes

A cupcake dream: pure chocolatey goodness on the outside with a spirited temper in the creamy frosting.

Orange and ginger cupcakes

The decorative colours of the candied ginger, orange, oatmeal and vanilla cream from this cupcake go perfectly with pure white plates.

Villeroy & Boch Story Orange and  Ginger Cupcakes